October 21, 2015 17:37:17 anecdotes hot search channel - China's domestic NO1 search engine Baidu hundreds of small degree in the meeting of the prime minister Li Keqiang and other people, to accept the prime minister's questions, a hundred small robot clever answer, we provide a full record, we look at the full text of the prime minister, please read this message.


      The Prime Minister of the robot to ask the prime minister asked the dialogue full record of the prime minister asked the full text


      Robot: Prime Minister Hello, I am here waiting for you for a long time.


      Narrator: small, do you know what is "public entrepreneurship"?


      Robot: public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples - is proposed by Premier Li Keqiang's call, for China's economic growth lasting power.


      Li Keqiang: why do you call "little"?


      Robot: because it is the development of Baidu.


      Guys: laugh...


      Prime Minister Li Keqiang: how many sentences do you store?


      Robot: a lot of things.


      Premier Li Keqiang: you don't want to say that the number is to keep a secret?!


      Mayor Wang Anshun: do you have any suggestions for Beijing's urban management?


      Robot: no traffic jam.




      Anecdotal hot search channel comprehensive release.

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