Event: friends broke the picture is a license plate number for the AAAAAA of the Audi car, a photo, netizens have commented on its most cattle license plate number in Henan". So the question comes, please see below.

    Henan's brand of Henan AAAAAA carts

    Henan's brand of Henan AAAAAA carts

      Question: Henan's cart is really the AAAAAA brand of Henan

      Official news:


      The media said: at that time the police in the vicinity of the door of Lankao County Public Security Bureau and a Audi car, license plate number "Henan AAAAAA". However, the media learned from Zhengzhou vehicle, the vehicle does not grant the Audi license plate number, so this so-called "Henan most cattle license plate number" should be false license plate.

      Meta:Henan's brand of Henan AAAAAA carts
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