18 Hu temporary speech

      18 speak 18 temporary Hu Hu's speech (allegedly)

      Comrades, the eighteen major successful convening of the party's new and old handover work smoothly completed. In the future, and we may have a chance to meet, so I want to borrow this valuable opportunity to say a few words to the comrades, a total of three questions:

      First, now it seems, may not be good enough, so that we are not satisfied. But I have tried my best, I hope you can understand. After I retired, and resolutely do not interfere with the next session of the leadership, not the instructions.

      Eighteen, on the second, I surrender the party's general secretary and the Central Military Commission Chairman, next year in March, I will hand over the national president and chairman of the Central Military commission. Then, I immediately moved out of Zhongnanhai, the revocation of the office of my name, nor will it be in the Central Military Commission office. I hope that the leaders, who have retired, can no longer interfere with the work of the new leaders.

      Third, Xi Jinping strong party spirit, ability, courage and principle, unite comrades, to own request strictly, to the people's deep feelings. Either way, he is a qualified party's general secretary, a qualified party and State Military Commission chairman. Every old comrade, should support his work, and the best support is to trust him, do not interfere with his work, so he let go and lead the whole Party and army. My words over.


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