Universe ten amazing facts

      1. Knowledge about the earth's life is a knowledge of atomic structure.

      2, the composition of the human body atoms, can be traced back to the crucible to change the element of the kernel;

      3, so that light elements into heavy elements, through the high temperature and pressure to make it happen;

      4, there are some massive stars, in their old age will become unstable, they collapsed, and then exploded;

      5. The energy scattered from the star's concentrated energy is scattered into the galaxy, which is made up of all the essential elements that are required by carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and life itself;

      6, a part of the energy emitted by the star after the explosion will become a part of the elements, and then compressed, collapse, forming a new solar system;

      7, the star orbiting the planet, it has the elements of life;

      8, human being is a part of the universe, we exist in this universe;

      9, the universe exists in our body;

      10, the real meaning of life - when I think about this fact, I realize that many people feel small - because they are the ones that really want to feel you are a participant, and that is the real meaning of our lives, because my atoms come from those stars, and that's what you want to feel.

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