Chinese ten ancient sword

      An Jian

      Honor: business emperor, during the spring and Autumn Period Weiren. All, and with light, night practicing famous and known three salesman Emperor (main) Wang Dijun Shengdi sword, "Lie Zi, Tang asked" is recorded. Also called "Xiao lian".

      Essence: not able to kill the sword in order to have the greatest ability, the more important the sword can make people feel its existence.

      Chun Junjian

      Honor: Chunjun is a noble warriors of the sword.


      Someone wants to use the thousand horse three Fu Xiang two big cities for the sword, you see?"

      Hsieh hurriedly said: "can not change."

      Gou stiltedly frowned and asked: "why? Tell us your opinion."

      Hsieh excitedly shouted to the road:

      "As the sword is the best of heaven together. To cast the sword, the Millennium red pansy Hill break out of tin, if the river dried up river and Wanzai copper.

      The sword, the blacksmith, mother of rain water, the Dragon Emperor holding furnace, a charcoal. Make painstaking efforts and the gods of the sword master life of ten years of Edward Ou Yezi casting grinding sword into this party.

      After the sword into, gods of death, red violet hill closed unabated, if the renewed waves of the river, Ou Yezi has also as God dried up and died. This sword has become a masterpiece, a mere horse city hezu michiya... "

      He nodded with satisfaction: "right, I will not only be above, cherish it."


      Honor: swordfish, Zhuanzhu is the dagger to fish belly, to assassinate tunwanglao, it is for the assassin, Yong vast sword. Origin of "Shihchi assassin biography".

      Story: Yuchang sword, also known as fish hidden sword, rumored to be the sword master Ou Yezi to Yue of, he used the red violet hill tin; Creek if copper by rain shower lightning, the essence of heaven and earth, made of the five swords, respectively is Zhanlu, pure Jun, evil wins, intestine and que.

      Go Getters

      Honor: Gan is a sword of ancient legends. Go getters "Wushan iron mining, Liuhe Kim", in order to cast iron. March is not. Moye "broken hair cut claw, cast into the furnace, so that the young boys and girls three hundred Ligularia drum containing carbon, gold or Tienai, hence a sword".

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