Sanya is a large number of dead fish in the river


      Time: March 2015 2-3 days;


      Location: Sanya river;


      Character: dead fish, fishermen, media, friends, the Sanya Water Bureau, Sanya Environmental Protection Bureau, local users;




      There are enthusiastic users posting said


      Sanya River discovered a large number of dead fish, the cause of social concern, media rushed to the scene found dead fish from floating in the pedestrian bridge to Sanya bridge between Sanya River;


      At that time the situation


      River water black muddy, water pollution, it is also a fishing boat dock area.


      The fishermen, they live sewage, toilet water directly into the river.


      Relevant departments to respond


      1, the water authority responsible person on the scene after the show, probably due to pollution caused by fishing boats.


      2, the Sanya municipal environmental protection department to respond to the water samples were investigated.


      Local users said - more than a bird, the boat tour also left a shit, the environment can bear?

      Meta:Sanya is a large number of dead fish in the river
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