Chinese Academy of Sciences


      Who is China's most young female Academy


      Evening events - Paris time on March 18, in the science hall of the University of Sorbonne, France, Britain, China, Canada, Brazil, Morocco five female scientists from, was awarded the L'Oreal - the United Nations teach, scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO "world outstanding women scientists achievement award."


      Xie Yi, a professor at University of Science and Technology of China, has become the fourth Chinese woman to win the honor. (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Li Fanghua, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Professor Ye Yuru, University of Hong Kong, Professor Ren Yonghua)


      Major contribution - the use of nano solid chemical principles to find new energy materials, and found that the two-dimensional ultra-thin semiconductor in improving the photoelectric, thermoelectric conversion efficiency




      Won the "world outstanding female scientists achievement award"


      2006 won the "China Youth Female Scientist Award""


      The youngest member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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