40 year girl sweetheart etc.


      Now glamorous today, which is god horse a woman for you waiting for 40 years, I see is a day can't wait! So - girl and lover of 40 years of a, this message fire will no doubt!


      Pure and simple in the sixties and seventies the love is pure, then finds a person is a lifetime, no house and car and other practical problems, only the heart and the heart of the collision and life-long Xiangshou


      Its thing -85 year old Xing Yulian at the age of 19 year old man introduced the young man Zhao Guosheng, two people love at first sight.


      The two eventually fell in love, six months after the marriage, but not officially married Zhao Guosheng went to Taiwan, men go leave promise that will certainly come back to marry her is because of such a word, Xing Yulian bitter, the 40 years.


      Now that each other is his life partner, 40 years, Xing Yulian never thought of looking for someone else. In 1989 and Xing Yulian Zhao Guosheng finally meet, not too many greetings, only calm greetings, 1993, two elderly people finally get married.


      Zhao Guosheng returned to Taiwan, two people have only seen a few times, Xing Yulian flow tears, she said farewell to her back to Taiwan to live.


      Can not wait for that day, he died.


      Such a love song, it is now in the most rare, now is god horse motionless, colorful a piece of green, lover - what to take to save you??


      I see is 40 years - girl and sweetheart can save you.

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