Ten years is difficult to cure haze


      Ten years is difficult to cure haze what reason


      Tune - 30 years of good governance is too long, two or three years is difficult to cure."


      1, the structure of the problem of energy - not solve coal haze problem solve not the energy structure of our country still is given priority to with coal, the state of charge of the great difficulty in the coal in the energy consumption accounted for dropped from 70% to 66 percent now, by the middle of this century will drop to about 55%. Coal is the main source of carbon dioxide emissions, coal problems can not be solved in a short time, it is difficult to cure haze.


      2, review history every time haze appears are closely related to economic and social development - China early in November 1950 began full observation mist, fog and haze. Comprehensive data analysis of these years, each time the haze and economic and social development closely linked.


      Recently, a serious problem of haze, a large number of coal is the main reason. China's coal consumption last year was 41 tons, resulting in a large number of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate emissions, resulting in air pollution and other issues.


      "Sino US Joint Declaration on climate change" - China plans to increase the use of clean energy in 2030 to about 20%, which has little effect on the complete solution to the problem of haze.


      To solve the haze how to do the best?


      Energy consumption per product must be reduced. Unit GDP energy consumption if it can be reduced to 1/4, 1/3, there is a need to have a major invention.


      "Unfortunately, from education to science has not done enough, this part of the practical technology is not enough."


      Haze rule is a very complicated political economic and social problems


      China is not only urgent to change the energy structure, there are practical action, such as in addition to coal, China opened several oil and gas pipelines in the north.


      Outlook - last year's energy consumption without a big increase, carbon emissions also reduced, visible, as long as the down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, not relax, haze rule or hope.

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