My mother is a webmaster


      Review classical 2010 October 16 late 21 minutes and 40 am, in front of the Hebei University, new supermarket, a license for black car "Ji FWE420". The two girls hit a few meters far. Hit a girl surnamed Chen on the evening of 17, after the rescue invalid death, another girl seriously, after emergency treatment, from danger, is now a hospital treatment. The perpetrators ":" have the ability to tell you, my dad is Li Gang." January 30, 2011, Baoding, Hebei Li Qiming traffic accident first instance verdict, Li Qiming was sentenced to 6 years.


      My father is Li Gang has become netizens ridicule the domineering "official two generation" of the popular language.


      Now my mother is a webmaster


      "Words and deeds," and "my mother is the webmaster" in Suqian, the local online spread. Post person, in May 22nd, Suqian City, a female passenger car passenger station suddenly assaulted colleagues, the station staff but due to the "the mother of the beating is the webmaster, not to provoke" - dare not come forward to stop and persuasion. Post, said the mother of the beating was on the sidelines, and did not come forward to stop his daughter's evil.


      Dynamic - it is reported that the station sent a deputy head to deal with the matter, and because the person is the head of the daughter, so it has been in accordance with the provisions of the most heavy penalties.


      Specific penalties - according to the regulations have been made to her the most severe punishment, not only in accordance with the upper limit of her fine of 500 yuan, but also asked her to stop for a week. According to the station, the class a week will not only

    allow a week to get a little more than half a month's wages, but also affect the end of her assessment and bonus, it is reported that this is the station for workers to fight a fight to make the most severe punishment.


      Trouble reason - before playing have contradiction - "hit shortly before, the leaders of the Xu call to the office, to resolve their conflicts. As a result, she thought the direction I complain, in the heart feel wronged, then made the overreaction.


      Comment - money and power and not let people or children have a better development and future, sometimes harm them, because they effortlessly get these things, heart to swell is indescribable, the expansion will make what? Wrong a lot.

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