The ship capsized survivor oral record


      News media - capsized ship capsize survivor oral thrilling moments, we can through such a record can be seen at the time of emergency and dangerous terrorist plot, don't forget the teacher of his funeral, which is our best learn from experience and lessons of the bitter case.


      "That is a window, the days of the boat, I opened and closed, closed to open, very familiar."


      Speaking of the survivors and his wife separated moment of life and death, crying


      The teller is a peasant. He is the Yangtze River capsized first to send a distress signal to the accident.


      Competent is a face of vicissitudes, jiehouyusheng he, speaking in a Tianjin words to the media about the incident on the night of the soul stirring experience


      last supper


      In May 27th, with his wife, with 6 old neighborhood together from Tianjin by hard starting. After more than 9 hours by car, 28, 6 in the morning to reach the NanJing Railway Station. Boarded the travel agency arranged a good bus, he and his wife came to the five horse ferry pier, saw the Yangtze River, but also saw the ship, the star of the east".


      "At the dock, for a little while, about 10 o'clock, we went to the ship and set off very soon." They live in room four on the 421 floor of the East Star.


      "This time my wife sitting in first class, not the home conditions are good, but my wife and children do not have good sleep, night noise insomnia."


      Special time cup for help


      Into the room, Wu and his wife happily put their cups on the table.


      It is this two cups, in the later events of Wu won the fanchen vitality.

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