Recently, Osaka a long life of the old man by the Guinness world records as the world's oldest person to honor. As of now, found and recorded the oldest of the oldest is 117 years old, which is the world's oldest old man, how many years old answer March 2015 edition.

    The world's oldest man.

    The world's oldest man.

      The hearing of the old as before, uses a wheelchair in the corridors of the number of reduced, but good health, 2014 Summer though, loss of appetite, but recently has been restored.

      Two World Records

      1, the world's oldest female -2013 114 years old;

      117, 2 year old world's oldest person.

      She was born in 1898 in Osaka City, has 3 children.


      For the media asked the secret of longevity: the old man said he did not know how to live so long. But habits are some - day eat three meals a day, eight hours of sleep, she likes to eat sushi, especially love to eat mackerel with vinegar steamed rice.

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