Captain He Long likes to smoke, and love to smoke dry tobacco. In 1937, the CPC Central Committee held a meeting in Yanan, he laozong brought some tobacco leaf. Not for a few days, the leaf is out of light. There is no smoke, he is really tough ah! Later, the security staff called back to the logistics department to buy some tobacco.

    He Long also anecdotes of tobacco money

    He Long also anecdotes of tobacco money

      When ho that their cost of living light. This tobacco is using public funds to buy time, painfully said: "I, Helong guilty of misappropriation of public funds crime myself!" he on the security guard said: "you again very soon to a company Quartermaster a message and told him that this sum of money, must be written in my Royal Dragon debts, not available with other funds flush, after full fill."

      Finished, he also seriously criticized the guards: "red army discipline, financial system, you don't know well! How confused, carrying me dry up this money to the business??"

      Reportedly he laozong to fill the amount of tobacco money, and Zhang Siwu long booked a double save personal living expenses of the "contract", each meal for him to salt reduction, less oil, less food. Sometimes, even the end of the bowl to eat, not to eat "Plain white rice". So, He Long has always insisted on two months, it will be that a half kilogram of tobacco money repaid.

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