October 21, 2015 20:09:36 anecdotes hot medical Channel News - many women friends often ask - how long can be detected in pregnant women, the recent news that -24 weeks of premature survival, Liyan Tong admitted pregnancy, early pregnancy symptoms what do you read this message.


      How long it can be measured in the 24 weeks of premature infant survival Liyan Tong admitted that the initial symptoms of pregnancy



      24 weeks premature infants


      By the medical staff called KT, because the children living in 9 beds. But he was only 24 weeks ago, he was only a week ago. Because the placenta, mother emergency cesarean section, 24 weeks before birth, only 500 grams, and now he is white and tender and smooth development of the good.



      Liyan Tong admitted to pregnancy


      October 21st, Chen Sicheng microblogging drying out in a big belly, saying, I have a @ Liyan Tong. Subsequently, the informed people first time to contact the tongliya, tongliya sweet replied: "is I pregnant!" it is reported that January 16, 2014, tongliya and Chen Sicheng in Tahiti wedding.



      How long will it take to be pregnant


      Generally in sexual behavior after 2 weeks to detect whether the first pregnancy, the general test paper detection. Please remember the specific date of her, to consult a gynecologist.



      What are the initial symptoms of pregnancy


      1, menstrual delay, if the law of the period of 10 days should be considered to consider whether pregnancy;


      2, about 6 weeks early morning appeared reactions such as nausea, vomiting, eating acid or greasy;


      3, frequent micturition, disappeared after 12 weeks. Degree of the above expression varies from person to person, so if menstruation is deferred, don't wait for 2 and 3 of the symptoms in the treatment, so as not to delay.


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