October 2015 21 22:29:06 anecdotes hot medical Channel News - when you see a pretty girl, her eyes is right side side is very special, you will feel very sexy, sexy you will DC nosebleed, and now there are a pretty girl model, the media referred to as: nvmo natural pupil color different, a lot of friends, in addition to pay attention to the measurements of the girls, but also pay attention to: nvmo natural pupil Harmonia is how to return a responsibility, nvmo natural pupil Harmonia the real reason? For details please see this message.


      A woman born what is the real reason about pupil color is natural pupil color



      Foreign media message


      Abroad have a 20 year old model Sarah Sarah McDaniel was born pupil Harmonia, she has a blue yellow double eye color, clear water, bright and dazzling. Many male friends, seven holes bleeding, really is sexy is embarrassing information, often watching AV? 0?) will invoke several voices - Mie butterfly.



      As for beauty eyes Why not the same?


      Experts say - this is a special disease iris heterochromia "Heterochromia. The disease caused by both eyes of different colors.



      What conditions would have the disease


      [congenital heterochromia]


      The most common dogs and cats, and human congenital heterochromia is generally only 1%, autosomal dominant.


      Plainly is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, as a result of the different content of melanin in the iris can the whole iris color becomes deep or shallow, can also be a fan.


      There is a central heterochromia, in a circle around the pupil or purple gold ring.


      If one day the beauty of the eye color is not right, in addition to her to coax her, but also to take her to see the doctor.


      Anecdotal hot medical channel comprehensive release.

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