A scientific team led by researchers in Japan has developed a device that can efficiently separate and recover trace cancer cells from the blood of cancer patients. The researchers say the device will help to find the cancer cells to be transferred and to verify the effect of chemotherapy.


      Cancer cells will spread throughout the body through the blood from the primary lesion, so as to form a metastatic lesion, as the disease worsens, the cancer cells in the blood will appear to increase the trend. If the cancer cells in the blood can be quickly examined, the lesion is expected to be found at an early date. However, due to the very low percentage of cancer cells in the blood, it is not easy to find and isolate them.


      The team, led by Professor Nii Shihito of the University, found that the diameter of the cancer cells was 12 to 15 microns in diameter, the research team led by the University's professor said. They developed a chip, which is arranged on the surface of a number of tiny silica gel cylinder, blood flow from the side of the chip, the larger cancer cell will be stuck between the cylinder, and then use the micro suction tube 7. By detecting the number of cancer cells in the blood, it is helpful to confirm the effect of chemotherapy, and to find the cancer cells of the metastasis.


      The researchers said they are ready to confirm the separation of the device by clinical trials in 10 years.

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