Goddess Liu Yifei and cats and photo, Meng is spent, after witnessing the goddess prime Yan upside down, we think of a few things, as well as friends said that the cat like underworld evil emperor desire pet cat - specific as follows.

      1, bloodshed in the edge qvod- this needless to say the. Familiar is the 1991 June 6, detectives Hoban Chao and his wife, Wan Yi Chang, originally is a happy pair, but immigration make two people break up. Instrument alone to the United States, super decided to accept the boss "Ascension" undercover drug head collection. The specific plot can out HD DVD carefully review.


      In 2, Emperor's pet cat to the underworld evil - she rang in twentieth Century, prestigious dodger. He, the mysterious underworld overlord arms group. First, he was a gang leader in the cage, let people watch in nature's garb. A soul full of wild face. A lazy cat like breath. A pair of long pondering, but hard abnormal eyes. Like the hook of the evildoer she was lost.

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