October 2015 21 introduction anecdotes hot entertainment channel news - a long time before we are familiar Sicong, he is very famous and lol president Wang well, and not long ago lost a bag, do not know a person to also did not, according to Wang Sicong microblogging speak - we know, Crestron very vexed - shouted - little civic minded okay? The with Huang Xiaoming news broadcast, Huang Xiaoming news broadcast? Why? Why? Everyone to see this message.


      Huang Xiaoming and Wang Sicong on the news network news broadcast about Wang Sicong.



      On news broadcast Huang Xiaoming


      20, the evening of the news network, the artist Huang Xiaoming due to participate in the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art to promote the attention of netizens. In Liu Yunshan attended the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art to promote and delivered an important speech in the news, the performing arts industry, Zhao Baogang, Huang Xiaoming, Liuxiaolingtong and other familiar faces are also in which.



      Huang Xiaoming speak


      "To attend the meeting, feel particularly excited. Our national literary and artistic career development is getting better and better, the state of the art and literature, to the literary and artistic workers, is a very good thing. We can focus on the speech of the general secretary last year and the spirit of the central document requirements, go deep among the masses, sell more loved by the masses of the works, is the good works of the energy. It is hoped that the state can support more film workers, especially young filmmakers."



      On the news network Si Congti Wang


      Wang Sicong Wang was a long time ago to dig out a news network of the picture, I saw the king in which sit, the father Wang Jianlin, Wang Sicong not know what problems in thinking - or take Wang Sicong body for it - I have no money, because I have no money.


      LOL president Wang said ah, still have Nive out of ten spectrum.


      Anecdotal hot entertainment channel comprehensive release.

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